Monday, December 1, 2008

Now I've Done it!

I have been in a "think tank." For months. Figuring out where I want to take the GalleriaLinda business.

I love designing and creating jewerly and will always do so, however, because I work full time too, I often feel rushed to just make something - anything - to have a full online shop. It is stressful.

Earlier this year, I added vintage jewery. That is fun and I LOVE that! Researching the styles of days gone by...looking at good craftsmanship....and the sparkle! I will continue to do that too. In fact, I found a little shop in Indiana that has buckets of vintage jewerly. There is nothing better than buckets of jewery, I always say.

For a year, I have been searching for some other type of jewelry to round out my product lines. Some type that I don't have to make. And, I found the most wonderful imported sterling and gemstone product around. These are handmade in India and Nepal and each design is made in limited quantity. Each shipment has designs a little different. The stones are just good, sound, foundation stones for any jewelry wardrobe. Amethyst, Malachite, Lapis, Rainbow Moonstone, Carnelian, and Coral are a few that I have on hand.

I am in love! The earrings are just the right size for work or for more formal occaisions. Right now, I have stocked earrings but will add pendants soon. I looked for quality, market-friendly designs, weight of sterling, gemstones and one more thing. I was looking for an importer who had the same values as I do, seeking quality from those who earn a fair wage.

Now I am in the middle of researching online venues for each of these new types of jewerly.

So, now my dream has come true. I feel like a real business woman with multiple, complimentary product lines. Now, I can spend creative and thoughtful time on my own designs while keeping my shops filled and anticipate that my own design journey will blossom.

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