Monday, November 24, 2008

GalleriaLinda Jewelry Featured on!

For the 3rd time since July, GalleriaLinda jewelry has been featured on the front page of!

I started nurturing this store and loading in most of my products starting in July and I have had so many views and a variety of orders. My shop at iCraft is doing so much more than my one on Etsy. The admins are friendly and so helpful! I love this site!

I have not abandoned my Etsy store and will still have a presence and product there but diversification of venues brings in different target markets and reaches more than you could with one store.

iCraft has my vote, though, for ease of listing and managing product.

I have updated my web site to include shop bars for the sites that I have product in at this time. Works well! Happy buying and selling everyone!

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