Monday, June 16, 2008

Make it Easy On Yourself! Blog Writer Software-Free!

GalleriaLinda Blog Writing

Do you have the same problem that I do?

Artists and crafty people often don't tend to their marketing strategies because the tasks are time consuming and often frustrating to do (such as using online templates). We as a group just want to create.

I find that writing posts for my blog is often pushed aside and I never "get to it." One of the road blocks is the process of having to go on the Internet to my blog site, sign in, and use the template. The template sometimes goes goofy on me and I have to redo my work, then once posted I have to edit again and again to get it tweaked. It gets frustrating!

Maybe this will help me and perhaps you!! I discovered Windows Live Writer. You can write your posts offline and use it like any other software on your own computer. No glitches and no slow Internet connections. The choice to publish immediately or to schedule your post is very useful.

This is my first post offline and to be published through Windows Live Writer! Tell me how it looks!

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