Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hi, how ya doin'?

Photographing jewelry is challenging in itself. It is sometimes difficult to present the accurate colors, good lighting, appropriate backgrounds, etc... Some materials are more difficult to photograph than others, such as sparkly components like crystal, white translucent components, acrylic clear components, pearlized components, and some metals.

I like to work Swarovski crystal pearls into contemporary designs and after spending hours photographing, I uploaded photos that were really good! ONLY to find out that my image was seen in the pearl!! And, if I had a colorful shirt - that was so evident!

Now, I am sure to have on a light grey t-shirt to photograph. It is more muted than a bright white shirt and does not show as much. But, as you can see, the image of the camera is even there.

So....Hi! *waves*

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