Thursday, March 15, 2007

Creating With The Sentimental

Once I decided to make jewelry to share with others, I poked through every sparkly trinket I could find, including family costume jewelry that was a little worse for wear, but that still had beauty and life in its elements.

This bracelet is absolutely one of my favorites. The black and white striped glass beads were purchased in San Francisco by me during my early marriage years - but never used all these years. Very fond memories of that era.

My mother had a beautiful necklace that featured the bulbous Lucite green focal bead and the black disc beads. I put this together and loved it so much I debated over and over whether to sell it! It looks FABULOUS with a black dress or sweater.

In a moment of weakness, I did post it for sale and it was immediately taken. One of my best friends for years purchased this. Because this is a striking, contemporary, and off-beat design, I came to know my friend's personality a little bit better that day.

I have one more set of the green focal bead and disc beads and a few black and white striped beads. I just must make a similar one for myself!

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